Think all pest control companies are made equal?

Picture this: you spot an unwanted critter inhabiting the nooks and
crannies of your home, occupying the same general space as your family. You
call a pest control company— but do it without
checking their credentials in your rush — and have your house inspected. They come,
exterminate the pests, and leave just as quickly.

They didn’t do as good a job as a responsible professional, however.
Traces of the pests remain. Within a week or two, you discover that your
unwanted guests are back with a vengeance. Now, you’re saddled with a new
expense and the task of finding better exterminators.

Choosing a company to get rid of your pests shouldn’t be done
haphazardly. You should vet them properly before you even agree to let them go
through your home.

So, think of pest control as an investment: it’s time-consuming to
scrutinize each company. But, by working with a reputable brand, you can rest
easy knowingthat your family’s health, your living conditions,you’re your property
are in good hands.

Diamond Exterminators is proud to be one such company. For over 20
years, we have been keeping our communities pest-free. When it comes to
choosing the best pest control company in Virginia, our team ticks all the

A Trusted Company

We’ve been in the industry for over two decades — proof that we’re good
at we do, and that our clientele trusts us with matters inside their home.
Since our establishment in 1997, our services have expanded beyond dealing with
major pests todoing home repairs, like moisture control, as well.

Trained Technicians

All our pest control technicians are fully trained and certified. They know where to look, what products to use, and gauge the thoroughness of the extermination. They can execute pest control solutions without damaging your home.


Formidable Industry Knowledge

Diamond Exterminators is a member of the National Pest Control
Association, the Virginia Pest Management Association, and the Tidewater Pest
Control Association. Our affiliations are a testament to our capabilities as
professional technicians.

Professional Appearance

Not only are we well-versed in pest control,but we also dress the part,
too. Our appearance is a courtesy we extend to our customers, so we wear
professional clothes, along with safety gear.

Competitive Pricing

Diamond Exterminators takes pride in our reasonable prices. We understand
that pest control often comes as a surprise expense, which is why we offer competitive
pricing. On top of that, we offer exclusive promos!

Dependable Contracts

Diamond Exterminators offers monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, and yearly
pest control service options for both residential and commercial spaces. The
services outlined in the contract depend on the condition and the building’s maintenance

Prompt and Dedicated Service

We take pride in providing excellent, old-fashioned customer service.
Expect us to come on time, well-dressed, and bearing the right tools. You won’t
be dealing with gruff technicians; we face each job with a positive attitude.
After all, it’s an honor that you chose us to take care of your home.

Safe, Effective Chemicals

We use chemical treatments that take care of unwanted creatures without
harming your family or pets’ health. Moreover, our products don’t damage your
furniture or house.

Meticulous Documentation

We make sure that ourservices—inspection, pest control, clean-up—areproperly
documented and accounted for in a contract or billing. This ensures that we
live up to the services we promised.

Free Consultation

Diamond Terminators provides free termite inspections, as well as free
estimates for structural repairs.

Our Guarantee

In all our services, Diamond Exterminators ensure:

  • Safety
    – We keep your family and pets safe while eliminating pests.
  • Cleanliness
    – We remove pests from your home thoroughly, so you return to a clean space.
  • Thoroughness
    – We provide consistently excellent services throughout Virginia.

Let’s get rid of the pests in your home and make it the safe haven it’s supposed to be. Get in
touch with Diamond Exterminators today.