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Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite: 5 Tips on Household Pest Prevention

June 05, 2020 - Bed Bugs

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Summer is right around the corner, which means the breeding season of insects is also drawing near. Pests like to feed and breed during summer, increasing the chances of you finding an unwanted visitor in your home.

The most common pests during this season are ticks, bees, ants, mosquitos, and flies, among others. These insects might be carrying a host of diseases that can harm your family. They can cause structural damage to your house, which can be expensive to repair.

The only positive side to these insects is that they’re predictable. You can prepare for them before they try to infest your home. The best way is to check each room of your house to make sure you don’t overlook the pesky little critters. Follow these pest control tips to keep your home infestation-free this summer.

Seal the attic

Most families use their attics as storage rooms. The lack of activity in this part of the house makes it the perfect shelter for rodents, bats, and even raccoons. Mice and rats also like to nibble on paper stuffing and cardboard boxes that are stored in attics.

The best way to prevent pests from taking shelter in your attic is by reducing possible entry points. Now’s the time to seal those broken windows, small gaps in windows, and holes from installing utility and plumbing lines. These create holes that insects can enter.

Also, keep your attic as dry as possible. Damp spaces attract cockroaches, termites, and other bugs. Reduce moisture by fixing leaky pipes or installing a dehumidifier.

Inspect your bedroom

Bedbugs are the most common bedroom pests. These typically jump from one place to another, from suitcases and books to dirty laundry and bedsheets. Prevent a bedbug infestation by keeping your room clean. Vacuum your floors at least once a week – more if you have a pet inside your room.

When you’re coming home from a trip, store your dirty laundry in a vacuum-sealed bag. These will prevent any bedbug that may have latched onto your clothes from invading your home.

Keep your kitchen tidy

The kitchen is an attractive breeding ground for insects like ants, cockroaches, flies, and pantry pests. Just like in the bedroom, cleanliness is the best defense against kitchen pests. Immediately clean spills and crumbs on the floor, counters, tables, and chairs. Don’t forget to take out the trash each day.

Use airtight containers to store your food to prevent ants. Also, fix any clogged drains and leaky pipes to reduce the moisture buildup in your sink.

Clean your bathroom regularly

Moisture is also the primary reason for the bugs in your bathroom. Although it’s impossible to keep your bathroom dry all the time, you can still make it less attractive to pests.

First, have all the leaks fixed immediately to avoid standing water. Make sure the seals around water pipes are tight and secure, especially the ones that enter from the wall. Install a screen mesh behind drain covers to reduce pest movement through the pipes.

Exhaust fans and dehumidifiers will help keep your bathroom dry. Cardboard and medicine boxes make good shelters for pests so keep the clutter in your restroom cabinets to a minimum.

Check your basement

Insects flock to your basement for the same reasons they like your attic: moisture and relative lack of activity. Ventilate your basement properly to prevent moisture buildup with windows or exhaust fans. Seal any cracks and crevices on the foundation with a long-wearing caulk. If you have window wells, install covers to keep the pests out.

Vacuum your basement at least once a week to prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt, which attract pests. If you’re using this room as a storage space, make sure to keep your items well-organized. Use plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes to avoid attracting insects.

Your number one defense against pests is routinely cleaning every part of your home. It also pays to familiarize yourself with the common signs of pest infestation. If you spot any pest droppings, nesting evidence, or holes and gnaw marks on walls and furniture, call your local pest exterminator immediately.

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