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The Best Way To Protect Your Hampton Roads Home From Termites

May 15, 2022 - Termites

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Termite identification can be one of the best ways to protect your home in the Hampton Roads area. As a result, you’ll find that enlisting the aid of a Hampton Roads pest control company can be very beneficial. A professional team will be able to inspect your home thoroughly and determine which kind of termite is infesting and how to best rid them from your Hampton Roads home.

It is essential to act quickly with termites. These insects can tunnel, chew, and destroy their way through the wood in your walls with ease. Termites can inflict damage that can cost homeowners thousands, so keep reading to find out how you can best take action against termites today.

About The Termite Caste System

A termite goes through three stages in their life cycle and then are sorted into different caste types for the colony. After they emerge from the nymph stage into adulthood, the termites are classified as workers, soldiers, or swarmer. Worker termites vastly outweigh the number of the other caste types, and they are one of the most important in building the colony. 

Workers can be male or female and build the intricate tunnel systems that allow the colony to move throughout your home. Soldiers are more prominent than worker termites and as their name suggests, stand as the colony’s defense. Swarmer termites are the only ones of the caste system that leave to expand on their own. Swarmer termites can indicate that you already have an established termite problem within your walls.

Why Termites Like To Infest And Destroy Wood Structures

Of the different kinds of termites you could encounter around your home, they all have a set job to do. Termites in the forest away from your residence play an essential role in the ecosystem. A termite’s job is to be the ultimate recycling team for nature. 

These tiny insects destroy dead wood and fallen trees to make way for new life. While these termites break down the dead, they provide nutrients to the area around them. Due to this, the site can stay healthy, and when it comes time for something new to grow, it will thrive. 

Natural Ways To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Termites

While there is no easy fix once termites have infested your home, there are steps you can take before it gets to that point. Check out these termite prevention tips to better protect your home:

  • Repair wany water damaged wood or leaks.
  • Declutter areas around your foundation.
  • Remove any dead trees or stumps from around your property.
  • Install a barrier between your home’s foundation and your yard.
  • Repair or replace any damaged roof shingles.

You will not find the most effective advice you can take when looking up how to get rid of termites with DIYs. Many DIYs are ineffective or can waste time and cost you more money than needed. The best thing you can do for your home is to invest in the proper care that only a professional team experienced in termites can provide.

The Most Effective Termite Control For Your Hampton Roads Home

Termites are not something you can afford to ignore when you find them in your walls. The most efficient and effective way to combat this problem is to seek help from a professional team like us at Diamond Exterminators. We are the best way to get rid of termites because we have the right know-how and equipment to solve this problem the right way. At Diamond Exterminators, we know that time is precious when termites are attacking your home, but we also know the importance of eradicating the source of the problem. 

When you use a DIY, you’ll find that it can cost you both money and time, which can cost you even more money down the road. You don’t have to worry when our talented techs arrive because we always see our work through. Call our team at Diamond Exterminators today to learn more about our home pest control options and how we can solve your termite problem in no time.