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Three Types of Termite Damage: How Much Is too Much?

January 10, 2020 - Termites

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Just because the suspicious crumbs of wood in your house don’t look like the suspicious crumbs of wood in infested homes doesn’t mean you’re safe from termites. Termite damage varies depending on the type of wood used to build your home, the type of termites invading, and the extent of the infestation we’re talking about.

Since the types of termite damage range from mild to dire, the best way to rule out an infestation is by calling a professional to conduct an inspection. As part of our home repair services, Diamond Exterminators takes a good look at your house and determines the specific solutions for your case.

Our contractors encounter three different types of termite damage: non-invasive, slightly invasive, and invasive. If you keep a keen eye out, you might be able to spot them, too.

Non-Invasive Damage

As the term implies, non-invasive damage occurs if the infestation is limited to the surface of the wood; the termites haven’t invaded the core of the infested site—yet. As such, termite trails (a trail of debris, wood crumbs, and droppings) aren’t obvious. They only appear during rainy days.

Because the termites haven’t reached the interior of the wood, this type of damage is the easiest to handle. It only requires wood hardeners, which are special adhesives that fill the crevices and gaps created by the pests. They cut off the oxygen supply and kills the colonies. They also reinforce the strength of the wood, which makes the structure more resistant to future infestations.

Slightly Invasive Damage

This type of damage is more serious than the non-invasive ones. At this point, the termite infestation has begun to penetrate the structures. Termite trails are bigger, more visible, and have developed irregular patterns.

If left untreated, the infestation will spread across your house. Termites eat 24/7, so they are constantly consuming your wooden structures. In fact, a single colony can eat more than 100 pounds of wood a year.

Our contractors perform extensive termite damage repair. It could involve scraping off the infected surfaces. Since the damage is only slightly invasive, our contractors won’t take much off the wooden structure. We determine the type of termite species, the number of colonies, and their primary locations. More importantly, we target the heart of the colony and the queen. Then, we strengthen the wood with wood fillers.

Invasive Damage

This is the most destructive of all types of termite damage. The infestation stretches deep into the structure, causing the wood to turn a darker color. Since the colonies have gnawed their way into the wood, they’ve produced huge, hollow spaces. When you tap on an invasively damaged wall, you hear a deep, hollow sound. On top of that, termites may have punctured holes on the surface of the wall.

Your walls are not the only vulnerable ones to termite attacks. Wooden doors, furniture, and structural supports (beams and pillars) could also be infected. Furniture, beams, and support might have cracks or holes, while windows and doors may be difficult to open.

This is your signal to call Diamond Exterminators for termite inspection immediately. Our contractors will remove the damaged parts, as well as disassemble the electrical wiring and plumbing that may have been affected by the infestation. Once we make sure that we’ve removed all traces of infestation and targeted the heart of the colony, we infuse strong wood sealers deep into the area and the surrounding structures.

Bear in mind, though, that this list is just a rough summary. The damage in your home may lie somewhere in between the categories and require custom solutions. Your best bet is still to call our professionals who can accurately diagnose your home’s infestation levels.

If you suspect that your home has unwanted guests, feel free to call Diamond Exterminators immediately. We perform termite inspections and damage repairs for properties in Virginia Beach and Hampton Roads. We’ll diagnose your home and provide the appropriate solutions. Our exterminators will make sure your home is clean, safe, and livable.

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