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Gloucester, VA - Pest Control

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Located about 70 miles from Virginia Beach, the town of Gloucester, VA, is filled with historic sites and annual festivities like the Daffodil Festival. While you’re out enjoying the flowers, however, there are local pest populations lurking around, seeking food, water, and shelter in our homes and businesses. That puts us at risk for infestation, and the best way to protect yourself from pest infestation is to call in the professionals. 

Diamond Exterminators is here to bring you unparalleled Gloucester County pest control. We are proud to provide complete residential and commercial pest control solutions to Gloucester and the surrounding areas, working hard to meet client needs and deliver results. We want to make people feel at ease when they hire us, which is why we use an open-door policy that helps us stay connected with our customers. We prioritize fairness and making things as easy as possible for our valued customers. Call us today to schedule your free inspection, and we’ll get the process started as soon as possible.

Residential Pest Control In Gloucester

The team at Diamond Exterminators is proud to protect local homes from the dangers of household pest infestation. Since 1997, we’ve been the go-to all-inclusive crawlspace and pest service company for properties throughout the Hampton Roads area. We customize our treatments to meet client needs because your safety and satisfaction come first. 

With over 25 years of industry experience, you can count on pest pros at Diamond Exterminators to bring you the quality service you deserve. We service Gloucester homes with complete residential pest control solutions, offering the most competitive pricing in the area and the customer service to match it. Whatever your pest problem, we’ve got your back. Contact us to discuss your home pest control needs today.

Commercial Pest Control In Gloucester

If you want to guard your Gloucester business against infestation, look no further than Diamond Exterminators. We protect all kinds of local companies from the detriments of commercial infestation. Our process includes:

  • Inspection - We determine all problem areas and entry points to familiarize ourselves with the facility to assess our approach.
  • Pre-Treatment - After the inspection, we advise you on what services are necessary and tell you what needs to be taken out of the facility before we arrive.
  • Treatment - We customize our treatments, including vapor barriers, seal all vents with foams, and put vent covers on the exterior for extra protection. 

After we’re done treating the facility, we return for follow-up services to make sure you are completely protected all throughout the year. Reach out to us today for dependable commercial pest control.

Putting An End To Gloucester Cockroach Infestations

The presence of cockroaches is an upsetting occurrence, and it’s usually indicative of unsanitary conditions. These bacteria-ridden intruders spread pathogens that lead to a long list of diseases, putting your health at risk (and that of your loved ones). That’s why it’s a good idea to be proactive in your cockroach prevention efforts.

When it comes to putting an end to Gloucester cockroach infestations, it’s important to eliminate sources of food, water, and shelter. Without these attractants, you remove their incentive to infest. Here are some tips to try:

  • Eliminate sources of food and excess moisture in and around the property. 
  • Install dehumidifiers in moisture-rich areas like the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. 
  • Reduce clutter and make sure to vacuum the floor and under the furniture. 
  • Regularly sweep beneath the stove and the refrigerator. 
  • To prevent entry, apply weather stripping around windows and doors. 

At the end of the day, the safest and most effective way to treat a cockroach infestation is to seek help from a professional pest control company. Get in touch with Diamond Exterminators to learn more about our cockroach solutions.  

All You Need To Know About Dangerous Ants Around Gloucester

Virginia is home to all different kinds of ant species. As a local property owner, you’re probably wondering what could be so threatening about these tiny pests. Here’s all you need to know about dangerous ants around Gloucester:

  • Fire ants can cause a painful sting that makes you feel like your skin is on fire, hence the name.
  • Carpenter ants weaken the structural integrity of your property over time by excavating damaged wood.
  • Common area ants like house ants, pavement ants, black ants, etc., can cause contamination around your property. 
  • Many ant species can sting and bite, and while most are relatively painless and harmless, it’s still unpleasant.

If you want guaranteed protection from ant infestation and all the negative consequences that come with it, we highly recommend looking into professional pest control services. Contact Diamond Exterminators today to discuss your ant control and prevention needs. We’re here to help you.