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Norfolk, VA Pest Control

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Norfolk, VA Pest Control Solutions

Considered the 94th largest city in the country, and independent at that, Norfolk, VA, is one of the reasons that Norfolk, VA pest control needs are so high. Norfolk neighbors Virginia Beach and the Chesapeake Bay and is surrounded by water, making it a popular spot to live year-round and vacation. Because of its rich history and geographical location, more and more people have moved to the area, looking to either settle down or build up a business. Because of this, the pest populations have exploded. Read on to learn how Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions can help your home and business become pest-free today!

Residential Pest Control In Norfolk

There is nothing worse than having your sense of security shattered by a pest infestation. Not only do pests cause us a great amount of frustration, but they can also make us and our family and pets ill. That’s why Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions provides comprehensive residential pest control services.

When you trust us to deal with your infestations, you can be sure you will receive the following:

  • A technician that is fully bonded, insured, trained, and certified
  • Full-service pest damage repairs
  • The use of pet-friendly, organic pest control and treatment options

We have over 20 years of experience dealing with the many kinds of pests that invade Norfolk homes. This experience gives us an edge over other providers, as this has given us the time to develop a proven treatment formula. Additionally, our residential pest control services are founded on the principles of providing you with the highest quality customer service. If pests have invaded your home, let us help you get that sense of security back. Call Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions today!

Commercial Pest Control In Norfolk

Norfolk pest control needs have risen with the number of businesses planting their roots here. However, no matter what kind of business you run, securing professional commercial pest control services is essential to maintaining a safe workplace. Here at Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions, we know full well how difficult it can be to manage an establishment, and pests throw a wrench in your operations. Not only that, but pests can also tank your reputation and make your employees and patrons ill. During your time of urgent need, you can count on Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions to provide the highest-quality commercial pest control services available.

We are part of:

  • The National Pest Control Association.
  • The Virginia Pest Management Association.
  • The Tidewater Pest Control Association.

Our technicians work promptly and efficiently, using the toughest tools and treatments available on the professional market that are also pet-friendly and organic. If pests are threatening your hard-earned reputation, don’t wait; give us a call today!

Hey Norfolk, Looking For An Effective Termite Control Method?

Termites which is an unfortunate miscalculation, as they are easily one of the most destructive pests in the country. That’s why Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions specializes in termite control, with thorough inspections and effective, powerful treatments.

Below are some reasons why you should contact us for a termite inspection today:

  • Termites are difficult to spot. It can be impossible to spot signs of termites to the untrained eye. They are quiet pests, and the signs of termites are subtle. The Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions technicians are thoroughly trained and certified, allowing them to identify a termite infestation fast.
  • These pests are difficult to reach because they hide in the walls and inside wooden boards, making it nearly impossible to exterminate them without professional tools.
  • Unlike other colony insects, termites can evolve throughout their lives and become whatever type of termite the colony needs at the time. Even if you kill the queen, another lower member of the colony can evolve to take its place, meaning the infestation you are trying to get rid of will just restart.

Professional services are always your best solution when dealing with termites. Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions offers proven termite control treatments, and our technicians have the training to root out the entire colony and exterminate them in their entirety. Contact us today for a thorough termite inspection!

How Can Moisture Control Protect My Norfolk Home?

Not only can pests damage your home, but so can moisture. Here in Norfolk, moisture control is especially crucial to keeping your home regulated and undamaged.

Below are some ways moisture control can protect your home:

  • Many pests in Norfolk are attracted to moisture buildup. By cutting back on this, you make your home less appealing to them.
  • Having a heavy moisture presence also encourages the growth of molds in your home, which can be dangerous to your health. By controlling moisture, you also cut back on the potentially harmful growth.
  • Moisture buildup can make your home less energy-efficient! With effective control, your home will cost less to heat and cool.

Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions not only deals with living pests but also moisture issues. If you are looking for thorough, effective moisture control services, give us a call today!

Five Easy Tricks To Keep Ants Off Your Norfolk Property

Ant control in the Norfolk area is anything but easy. Between budding infestations and painful, venomous bites, most property owners would rather not address an established problem alone. 

If you currently aren't suffering from any kind of ant infestation, you may want to establish prevention steps that can defend your property over time. These include: 

  1. Remove food and water sources around the property. Fill up ditches and add new drainage areas to prevent colonies from settling. 
  2. Remove garbage bags frequently, especially those with strong odors. Clean out any liquids left in trash receptacles immediately. 
  3. Mop, sweep, and vacuum frequently to reduce crumbs on the floor to keep wandering ants from coming too close for comfort. 
  4. Perform regular lawn maintenance. Trim all grasses, prune all shrubs, and cut tree branches away from the sides of the home. 
  5. Turn the compost pile frequently. Stagnating piles of food will surely attract ants. 

If you currently have an ant problem around your Norfolk property, you will need professional services to remove them. Diamond Exterminators is the team to call, having serviced hundreds of Norfolk property owners with skillful ant control services. From one-off visits to year-round treatments, trust that our team has everything you need to defend your property. 

Don't hesitate to get in touch with Diamond Exterminators for professional ant control in any environment. Give us a call today to get your free estimate and inspection.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Avoid Bed Bugs In Norfolk?

Here in Norfolk, bed buds are constant threats that are almost impossible to control without professional help. These traveling pests waste no time hitching rides on overnight lodgers and university students, which they transport to train stations, airports, bus terminals, and other common spaces. When bed bugs infest in large numbers, the effects can be severe; insomnia, itching, and even anemia are just a few of the most common results.

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to eliminate your risks of bed bug exposure completely. However, you can prevent an infestation from taking place by scheduling a bed bug inspection as soon as you become suspicious. At Diamond Exterminators, we provide Norfolk property owners with extensive, high-quality inspection services that explore every nook in cranny in search of a problem. If our team finds anything out of the ordinary, you'll be the first to know and the first to receive help!

Call Diamond Exterminators right away to schedule your initial bed bug inspection.

3 Cockroaches Found In Norfolk Homes

American cockroaches, German cockroaches, and Oriental cockroaches are three of the most common species of roaches that infest Norfolk homes. Although many of their effects are similar, their appearances certainly aren't, and identifying their presence in the home may be helpful as you seek sufficient treatment.

American cockroaches, for example, are the largest of the three species. These roaches are large, tan to light brown, and usually found in kitchens and pantries.

You're more likely to see a German cockroach around your Norfolk home than any other species. These pests are relatively easy to identify. They leave grainy droppings (similar to coffee grounds) near floors and baseboards, strong scents permeating throughout the entire home, and strange sounds that may echo from wall voids and other spaces.

The final species, Oriental cockroaches, are sometimes referred to as water bugs. Thanks to their inclination to seek standing water and humidity, the presence of these shiny, black insects in your home may indicate an ongoing moisture issue.

If you are still struggling to identify cockroaches in Norfolk, be sure to work with a professional team for an expert evaluation and ID process. Diamond Exterminators will be glad to assist you and your loved ones with 20+ years of hands-on experience.

Simply send in an online contact form with additional details.

Five Easy Ways To Keep Earwigs Out Of Your Norfolk Home

Contrary to popular belief, earwigs do not crawl into human ears, eat tissue or brain matter, or lay eggs in the human ear canal. Still, their presence in or around your Norfolk home is anything but desirable. 

Here are five ways to keep them out of your home in the first plan: 

  1. Reduce moisture availability. 
  2. Seal up cracks and gaps. 
  3. Get rid of cardboard clutter. 
  4. Clean up the yard and garden. 
  5. Install a vapor barrier. 

Keep in mind that these are just ways to prevent earwigs from entering your home and not methods for getting them out once established. If you want to learn more about getting rid of earwigs in Norfolk, you will need to contact the professional experts at Diamond Exterminators. Submit your online contact form to chat directly with one of our providers.