Fungus Treatments in Chesapeake, Virginia

Termite infestation is one of the possible results of having dampened and rotting wood structures in your home. And while this can lead to more damage and costly repairs, fungus growth is another issue that any home or building owner will likely face when there are high moisture levels in their property. Fungi often thrive in places that are warm and moist, as they grow in humid environments such as Hampton Roads. Oftentimes, mold and fungi reproduce when an area is left unchecked after moisture and water problems occur. Leaking roofs, poor indoor plumbing, broken drainage, damp basements and crawl spaces, and improper ventilation for heating and cooling equipment or appliances can cause fluctuating levels of moisture. Given these, it can be difficult to prevent fungus from growing in the corners of your home. The real problem with fungi spreading in your home is the negative effect it can have on your health.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) states that there exists around a million and a half species of fungi on this planet, wherein there are around 300 of these that are harmful to people. While most of the common fungi do not present their selves as health hazards, there are some that can compromise the health of our loved ones. We at Diamond Exterminators know how to help you take care of this problem, and with over two decades of experience, we are more than confident that our team of certified fungus treatment specialists can take care of any of your fungi-infested properties.

Our complete fungus treatment service includes inspection, evaluation, removal, and protection, but depending on the condition of fungi in your home, we can customize this service to better fit your situation. From the basic treatment, our team can also provide dehumidifiers, drains, vents, structural repairs, and ground covers to ensure that we limit the overall moisture in your home, and prevent fungi from re-spawning. Protect you and your family’s health.

Don’t hesitate to contact us when you notice mushrooms growing out of nowhere. We offer free home inspections for moisture control. Call us today for more info.

Customer Reviews

I personally use Diamond and recommend them to clients. Their customer service both over the phone and in the field has always been amazing. There have been many times where they have gone above and beyond to protect my clients….from crawling around the outside of a slab and digging by hand or by squeezing my clients in, in an already busy week. Thanks Walter, Jamie, Amber!

Realtor Richard Calderon

We have used Diamond Exterminators for 20+ years. We also use them for pest (ants, spiders, etc) and have been very pleased. We have always been happy with their service. All of the people we have dealt with, from the administration department to the technicians that come to the house have been courteous and friendly. They always ask if we have any concerns or questions and then spend the necessary time to answer them to our satisfaction. On top of all that the price is fair, probably one of the cheapest in the area. I would and have recommended them to a friend.

Randy Hays

We have been with, Diamond Exterminators since 2010. They have always had nice technicians and office staff. They are punctual and call to remind me of my appointments. I would highly recommend them for any kind of service. I know I call them way too much for any little bug and they always come running with no hesitation. I am moving later this year and I am going to miss this pest control company. I don’t think anyone can beat their prices and courteous staff!!

Thomas Weber