Reliable Termite Control Services in Chesapeake, VA

To own a home is tantamount to a dream come true – for many, this is the end goal, to start a family in a home built to house the lives of you and your loved ones. For termites to gnaw away at the foundations of this dream, day after day, is possibly one of the saddest things that could ever happen. It’s like standing there and watching your life’s work crumble, its walls, pillars, and ceiling tapering off from a fire. And as a business that has been around for the last twenty years, we have helped many families, homeowners and builders, as well as building or apartment owners, prolong the lifespan and improve the value of their properties. As the go-to provider of termite control services in Chesapeake, Virginia, Diamond Exterminators is committed to ensuring that all our clients’ homes and properties will stand the tests of time by partnering with us.

Through years of extensive experience in servicing many homeowners in Chesapeake, our termite treatment solutions often rely on the findings that come up after a thorough termite inspection. Our team of home inspectors is highly recommended – not only because of their reliable customer service – but because of the standard of quality in the work that we deliver. For us to maintain the structural integrity of your home and increase its value, we make sure that we check the entire property for a hundred percent visibility of termites. In the nooks and crannies of your building’s crawl spaces, the concrete slabs between foundations, and the basement or attic, our methodology will rely on your current termite situation.

In Chesapeake, VA, our termite control solutions is focused on four main elements: first is the treatment on new construction, second is a specialized take on wood, third is the studying and curing of the property’s soil, and last is the utilization of effective Bora-Care products. The combination of these four focal points makes up our termite solutions, and with the expertise of our licensed professionals, we guarantee that your property will be termite-free in no time.

From termite removal to protection, our team will be sure to navigate through the termites’ entry points so we can determine the number of colonies and their primary locations. This enables the team to come up with the best strategy fit for your home, and of course, we will be getting your clearance and approval before executing any of our termite control solutions. It is necessary that we identify the species of termites and estimate their population, because this allows us to gauge how much work is required. Because like all termite colonies, we have to hit the center of the colony and capture their queen.

As the homeowner, it is important that you are aware of the removal and protection plan, so that you also know how what we do is significant in saving you from extensive damage repairs in the future. By protecting your home from termite damage, you are keeping your family, as well as your property, safe and secure.

Don’t let termites destroy what’s yours. Contact us today for more info.