Professional Pest Control Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Virginia Beach’s warm climate makes it an ideal breeding ground for different types of insects, bugs, and rodents. These pests may bring in disease and other health problems if you leave them unchecked. Diamond Exterminators is a pest control company in Virginia Beach, Virginia helping you keep these unwanted guests out of your home.

Our experienced exterminators work year-round to manage invasive pests, particularly ants, rodents, and bees or wasps.

Ants, especially aggressive species like fire ants, are one of the most invasive pests we root out. These tiny armies get at your food or harm your family with their bites. The same goes for bees and wasps, which create hives around your property. If agitated, they may cause painful stings or trigger deadly allergies. Then there are rodents, which cause property damage by gnawing your walls and are often carriers of infectious diseases.

Diamond Exterminator’s pest control services in Virginia Beach offers over 20 years of experience in handling these kinds of pests. Aside from rooting out these vermin, we also offer home repair services to undo any structural damage these unwanted houseguest cause.

Pest Solutions that Work


Your family and your home may be threatened by pests. Rats damage your drywall. Ants could infest your kitchen. And wasps may build hives under your eaves. When these things happen, you’ll be glad to have Diamond Exterminators, one of Virginia Beach’s pest control companies, at your service.

Our Pest Control Process

We personally train our team of exterminators to address pest problems at the root. Thanks to our thorough and customer-centric process, we provide effective and sustainable pest control services to businesses and residents. Our process provides you with options to address damage and prevent infestations through careful planning.

1. We schedule an appointment to do a thorough inspection of your property.

2. A representative of our team will visit your property and determine the cause of your pest problems. Once completed, our technicians carry out the appropriate service that will address the infestation.

3. After the service, we will draw up a contract indicating the next steps that will prevent future infestations. Additionally, this will indicate the necessary repairs the property may need to undergo for better pest management.

4. Once both parties agree and sign off on the proposal, the paperwork is submitted to the office for immediate implementation.

Diamond Exterminators is your source for effective pest control services. Aside from Virginia Beach, we offer our services to property owners throughout the whole of VA. Our ultimate goal is to keep your property free of pests.

Why Choose Diamond Exterminators

Diamond Exterminators has been serving Virginia businesses and residents for more than two decades. We look after customers and communities by making sure our pest control services are effective. Our licensed exterminators use only the right products and proven methods to rid your commercial establishment or home of any pest.

Our trained exterminators also employ eco-friendly, organic pest control options because we value your well-being. In line with that goal, we offer a complete line of services that go beyond ridding your properties of pests. We also do structural repairs, restoring your business or home after ants, rodents, or termites have done a number on it.

Call or email us today to learn more about our pest control services in Virginia Beach. We offer free termite inspections for first-time clients.