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Home Repairs for Pest Infestation in Virginia Beach

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Structural Repair Services in Virginia Beach

Residents in Virginia Beach enjoy a sub-tropical climate for most of the year. Although pleasant, the humid environment does attract different types of pests. Termites, in particular, thrive in this climate and they pose a serious problem for residential and commercial property owners.

Termites are an invasive species of pest that work in large colonies. They feed on the cellulose found in wood, soil, and decaying plant life. These efficient pests also feed on metal siding, insulation, and plaster. Left undetected, their infestation causes cosmetic to structural property damage. Even the seemingly superficial damage is likely to give way to damage beneath, making your property unsafe.

Effective termination is essential to protecting your property. But once pest control has been done, what happens to the damaged parts?

Diamond Exterminators not only offers full pest control services, but we also do structural repairs. Our skilled handymen serve businesses and homes in Virginia Beach, VA. Our certified team will take a look at your property, provide you with details of the damage, and the work that has to be done. We will take you through the improvement project and provide you with competitive pricing.

Our handymen will address the cosmetic and structural issues. We will use the latest tools and practices to ensure your property is free of pests as well as safe and comfortable for occupancy once again.

Residential and Commercial Repairs

We have been serving residential and commercial customers in Virginia for more than 20 years. We have dealt with all types of pests, from rodents to termites. So we know exactly how these creatures get in and destroy your property. Because we know how these pests operate, we are the best team to handle all repair issues these creatures create.

Our handyman services in Virginia Beach, VA have helped many of our customers restore the livability and safety of their homes and businesses. We initially take care of the pest infestation, and once we’ve exterminated them, we assess the damage these critters have done. Our skilled handymen will determine whether your property only needs aesthetic improvement or if certain areas require structural repair.

How do we handle each repair? 

Once we receive your call, we deploy our home improvement contractors at a scheduled inspection.

Our certified handymen will then go over their findings with you. We put these details of the repair, including the cost, in a project specification document. If your property needs subfloor repair or roof beam replacement, it will be indicated on the document. Everything is detailed so that you’re informed about every aspect of the service we will provide for you.

Once you agree to our proposed repairs, we can start the work, making sure we do it according to building code requirements.

Why Hire Diamond Exterminators

Diamond Exterminators does effective extermination of any kind of pest. We’re able to do this because we use only the most effective products with proven methods. As part of our goal to ensure your well-being, we also offer eco-friendly, organic pest control options.

But we go beyond pest control services.

We know that your home or business isn’t going to feel comfortable and safe to use even after the last critter has been eliminated. As such, our trained handymen can come in to fix the damage, restoring your property in Virginia Beach, VA, and permanently keeping the pests out.

As a locally owned and operated company, we’re dedicated to personalized service without the premium cost. Our goal is to keep you and your family safe from pests and your properties livable.

Call or email us today and get a free termite inspection.