Professional Termite Control Services in Virginia Beach, VA

Termite Control Services in Virginia Beach 

Virginia Beach is a beautiful place to live in because of its temperate climate and beautiful surroundings. But because it’s between the Chesapeake Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, it can be a fertile breeding ground for termites. Infestations in the area are common. This is why professional termite control in Virginia Beach is essential.

You might not know it yet, but your property might already be housing these destructive pests.

Here are the signs of a termite infestation:


  • Hollowed out wood is the primary sign of a termite infestation. They will target your wooden furniture, walls, and floors first because the material is their main source of food.
  • Termites build small tunnels called mud tubes to protect themselves from predators. You’ll know there is an infestation if you see these along the corners and in the crevices of your property.
  • Cotton fabrics with suspicious holes and damaged books are other indications of termites. They like to chomp on these materials for the nutrients found in them.

When these pests are left to thrive, they cause major damage to your property. Termites compromise the structural integrity of your home or place of business. You need to act quickly once you spot one or all signs of infestation. There is no time to waste when you’re dealing with termites.

Termite Control: Extermination and Prevention

Completely ridding your property of termites requires professional help. Diamond Exterminators provides property owners in Virginia Beach with comprehensive termite treatment solutions.

Our Termite Control Process

Our technicians are trained to solve the problem at its root. We use effective products and proven strategies to ensure we get the best results.

Here’s how we do it:

1. We do a thorough inspections of your property, noting how many colonies are present. We then identify the species to determine the appropriate treatments.

2. We’ll create a proposal for our pest control strategy. We’ll present this to you for your approval before we execute the plan.

3. After carrying out the treatments, we’ll draw up a new proposal that indicates the next steps. These may include home repairs in areas that are susceptible to future infestations.

4. Once we agree on the terms, we’ll submit the paperwork to the office for billing.

Our termite inspection for your Virginia Beach property ensures that the treatments we execute are effective.

Why Choose Diamond Exterminators

Diamond Exterminators is your partner in effective and sustainable termite treatment services. Using the insights we’ve gathered in our two decades of operation in the Virginia Beach area, we create solutions that are for the long term.

We put a premium on customer service, but without the premium price. Our licensed exterminators take good care of your property throughout the whole project. From inspection to extermination to repairs, they will do everything to keep your property safe and secure.

Terminate those termites. Call or email Diamond Exterminators today and get a free pest inspection for your property.