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Diamond Crawlspace Solutions In Virginia Beach, VA & The Surrounding Areas

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Protecting All Elements Of Your Virginia Home

Diamond is here to help you protect your most valuable asset and those who live in it. Your crawlspace and foundation are the most important parts of your home. Let us help you protect your most valuable asset.

Diamond Crawlspace Solutions has provided service for 25 years as a branch of Diamond Exterminators. Diamond is your all-inclusive crawlspace and pest service company. Our skilled repair crews serve businesses and homes in Hampton Roads, keeping up with all standard building codes required by the real estate market. Our certified team will inspect your property FREE of charge, providing you with a detailed description of any work that needs to be completed. We will take you through the improvement process step by step and provide you with the most competitive pricing in the area and the customer service to match it.

How Diamond Exterminators And Crawlspace Solutions Manages Your Crawlspace

Free crawlspace inspections from Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions start treatments off on the right foot, offering holistic advice with actionable results. Our technicians will explain what you need to do to fix your home, helping to create a property that you can list on the market immediately. 

At Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions, we use 10 mil poly-white plastic sheeting to create a totally airtight moisture barrier. This sheeting will run from the ground up to the foundation block and follow along the top of the crawlspace vent. We always leave plenty of room to grow, allowing Hampton Roads homeowners and Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions technicians to monitor the area for termite activity.

We also perform the following services:

  • We seal all vents with foams.
  • We install vent covers outside.
  • We wrap every pier in the crawlspace.
  • We install a dehumidifier to regulate moisture.

Additional dehumidifier services are available upon request.

Book your first ever appointment with Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions to schedule an inspection at your earliest convenience.

Reasons Why Homeowners Should Defend Their Crawlspace

There are many reasons why Hampton Roads homeowners should consider encapsulating their crawlspace. Not only does it provide an excellent barrier against moisture, but it can help lock out pest activity in vulnerable parts of the house.

  1. Moisture Control - Stop warm air from creating molds, mildews, and conducive pest conditions.
  2. Breathing Cleaner Air - Prevent dust and fungus spores from wafting up the vents, and protect the health of your friends and family.
  3. Helps With Heating & Cooling - When your crawlspace temperatures remain consistent, your household HVAC costs could drop considerably.

The entire crawlspace encapsulation process from Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions takes anywhere from 5 to 10 business days to complete, depending on the size of the property. Learn more about crawlspace control programs from our experienced providers by calling our team today.

Call Diamond Exterminators And Crawlspace Solutions For Crawlspace Protection Today

Get crawlspace encapsulation before it's too late by partnering with Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions. We have all the tricks, tips, and tools up our sleeve to reimagine your crawlspace area, delivering relief within two weeks or less. It's not just about pest control; it's about maintaining our customer's quality of life with no exceptions!

It's easy to get started with Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions. Call now to schedule your crawlspace service appointment or submit a contact form to request a quote or estimate. Contact us today to learn more about our home pest control services!