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Termite Control and Inspection In Hampton Roads, VA

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Comprehensive Termite Control And Inspection For A Safer Home

Without a doubt, one of the worst things you can experience as a homeowner is a termite infestation. Termites eat away at the organic materials of your home (mostly wood), leading to cosmetic or structural damage if left unchecked.

Structural damage includes support beams, basements, crawlspaces, and other hot spots for activity. The time and personal cost that follows a termite infestation can be devastating.

Cosmetic damage is a type of damage rarely covered by insurance, making all costs come out of pocket. Signs of damage look like bubbling paint, damaged floorboards, and other similar issues.

Most termite infestations remain undiscovered until the damage becomes severe. Fortunately, with expert termite control and inspections, you can stay on top of potential issues before they become large problems.

At Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions, we're prepared to assist you at every turn, from eliminating active infestations to preventative inspection and control service. With us, you never need to fear termites taking over your home.

Our pest control technicians have the training and resources needed to get your home back to termite-free status. Take back control today!

Signs Of An Infestation

Termites are subtle pests, making it tricky to identify an infestation if you don't know what to look for, which is why we've put together a list of the most common signs, such as:

  • Stuck doors and windows
  • Paint or wallpaper damage
  • Termite swarmers
  • Discarded Wings
  • Mud Tubes
  • Termite droppings
  • Termite sighting

If you notice any of these infestation signs, the best thing to do is to reach out to trained professionals for a termite inspection to make sure. Pest control technicians are already in place to remedy the problem if termites are found.

Preventing A Termite Infestation

With their habit of getting deep into the wood and average colony size, termite prevention is easier than termite control. Some ways you can prevent termites are:

  • Entry points: Gaps, holes, cracks, and crevices are all easy ways for termites to get inside. Seal these locations up to make it harder for this pest.
  • Foundation inspection: Carefully inspect your foundation and perimeter for signs like decaying wood, excess moisture, and other possible infestation signs for early detection.
  • Moisture correction: If moisture problems are found, it's crucial to make the necessary repairs promptly to make your home less inviting.
  • Wood storage: Any wood on the premises should be stored far away from the home and other buildings on your property to minimize exposure or contact.

Besides preventing termites, following these tips may result in protecting against other pest infestations, making them tips you can use all year no matter what pest concerns you're facing.

If termite prevention fails, the best way to get ahead of the problem before the damage becomes costly is through comprehensive termite control and inspection from qualified professionals.

Our Termite Control Process

The condition of your home is a serious matter to our pest control technicians, which is why we don't hesitate to get to work upon arrival in a methodical manner. For this reason, we always begin with a comprehensive inspection of your property. During the inspection, we'll check the following:

  • Nooks and crannies
  • Crawlspaces
  • Attic
  • Concrete slabs between foundations
  • Basement
  • And more

Our team will modify its inspection according to your current termite situation and any information provided. Once we have our answers, we get started on your termite solution. We focus on four main elements during treatment, which are:

  • Treatment on new construction
  • Specialized take on wood
  • Studying and curing of the property soil
  • Utilize Bora-Care product

In addition to termite control, we also provide preventative treatments if desired. These Termidor treatments should last between seven to ten years. We primarily focus on subterranean termites.

We provide slightly different services depending on your needs, which are:

  • Termite Services: This service is $95/annual. If we find termites, we'll provide treatment at no additional cost.
  • Real Estate Transactions: This service is $85, and we'll have a proposal within 24 hours.

Do you suspect or have you noticed an active termite infestation? We'll have you termite-free and back in control of your home in no time! Contact Diamond Exterminators and Crawlspace Solutions to learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control options.